Write It Down

Write It Down

I am a wanna be writer. I’m envious of people who write and give wonder and meaning to their life through words. Kristin Armstrong, Lance Armstrong’s ex-wife, is that kind of writer. I’ve followed her on-line journal and blog for a couple years now. She brings hope, gratitude and awe to her life, divorce, and single mom escapades. If writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal isn’t your cup of tea, here are a couple of my other favorite ways to write for health and personal accountability.

1. 5-Year Diary– I recently started writing down the highlights from my days in a 5-year diary. I have six lines to record what I want to remember about today. Next year, I will record that day’s events directly under today’s entry. Each day of the year has its own page. This process continues every day for five years and then this diary is complete. I like this format because it is concise and contained. It’s interesting to watch the threads and patterns of my life play out on the pages. Plus it’s nice to have a reminder of what I did on particular days each year compared to the year before.

2. Money Notebook– A couple years ago I paid off all my credit card debt. One of the most helpful things I did to accomplish this task was I kept a money notebook. A money notebook is any small generic spiral notebook that you carry with you. Every day without fail, I wrote down anything and everything I purchased in my money notebook (bottle of water, gym membership, new pair of jeans, groceries, amount paid on the electric bill, dinner out, etc).

Read Your Money or Your Life: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Achieving Financial Independencefor a further explanation of this technique. It is the gold standard book for getting your financial health in order. It is also the original source of the money notebook idea. This changed the way I spent and saved money. I became healthier and more accountable in all areas of my life! I know this sounds silly and simplistic but it is a very powerful writing technique.

3. Five Wishes- Take the necessary steps for your health and life before you face an unexpected unconsciousness or death. Granted this isn’t the part of life we generally talk about, nonetheless we will all encounter death at some point. Download the Five Wishes form and spend time thinking about and writing down your wishes regarding:

1. The person you want to make health care decisions if you can’t make them for yourself.

2. What kind of medical treatment do you want or not want?

3. How comfortable do you want to be?

4. How do you want people to treat you?

5. What do you want your loved ones to know?

Once it is filled out and properly signed it is valid under the laws of most states.

4. Write It Down, Make It Happen: Knowing What You Want And Getting It A light and fluffy albeit inspiring book. It gives quick and easy writing techniques to “get unstuck and write through to a resolution”. “Knowing what you want; setting goals”. “Writing letters to God”. And just “writing it down to make it happen”.

I still have the back of a Bob Evans paper menu that I scribbled the beginnings of the Healthy Discoveries business plan on 11 years ago. It amazes me how close those written “dreams” are to my reality today.