Jolene Park

Hi, I’m Jolene

As a functional nutritionist and the founder of Healthy Discoveries, I help you develop a more complete view of well-being.

I show you how to add useful routines and easy habits into your day to increase focus, boost energy, and build emotional resiliency.

Places that nourish me:

I love the fast paced, international culture of London along with the quiet, remote beaches of Isle of Palms, South Carolina.

Experiences that keep me connected:

Walks – preferably barefoot on a beach.
Reading – usually memoirs and fiction from the Indie bestseller list.
Friendships – that are uplifting and fun.

Not a fan of:

Milk or rush hour traffic. Put them together and well…you can only imagine.

Where I’m most at home:

Time on my family farm in Northeast Colorado. Founded in 1888 by my great, great grandfather, it’s been in my family for six generations. My parents still live there!

I was born into an organic lifestyle way before Whole Foods marketed it to the masses.

Companies I’ve worked with


Jolene Park founded Healthy Discoveries in 2001. She works with purpose-driven companies who strive to create a positive impact on their employees and business. She also works with first responders, healthcare providers and business professionals who are at risk for compassion fatigue and burnout.

Jolene began working in corporate wellness in 2004 when Owens & Minor Medical Supply, a Fortune 500 company in Richmond, Virginia, contracted her to teach nutrition and well-being classes in a fun, new way.

In 2012, the employee wellness program she designed for the City of Lakewood, Colorado, was recognized by Cigna at its 2013 annual conference. She then briefly joined the broker side of corporate wellness at Van Gilder/USI.

Throughout her career, she has remained an independent third party educator who has no financial ties to selling products or supplements.

Jolene has a degree from Colorado State University in Speech Communication, emphasizing public speaking, course design for adult learning, and group facilitation. While attending CSU, she was a student intern at the drug, alcohol and eating disorders center. She received her nutrition certification from the American Academy of Nutrition and health coaching certification from Well Coaches International. Jolene has over 1,000 continuing education hours in integrative medicine, functional nutrition, and yoga for stress and trauma.

Jolene is a Colorado native and lives in Denver.

HD Quotes

Jolene developed a wellness program from the ground up for this organization of 900+ diverse employees. She spread enthusiasm about health to formerly uninterested individuals, targeted her messages to the unique culture of each work group, and taught quite a few of us how to make small (and big, in some cases) changes to our diets for results we didn’t know were possible. I am amazed at how much she accomplished in a short amount of time!

Ariana Harner
Employee Relations Specialist
City of Lakewood, Colorado

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