Studies show that sleeping less than seven hours each night could significantly hinder your ability to lose weight.

Artificial light from computers, TVs, bright city lights and indoor fluorescent lights wreck havoc on your circadian rhythm and melatonin production – two important components needed for quality sleep.

Powering down your computer and TV when the sun goes down would be ideal, but for most American households that is not realistic. Unfortunately continuous light exposure in the evening can hamper your ability to process carbohydrates thus promoting weight gain. We also know from studies with shift workers that nighttime light exposure makes them more likely to get cancer, heart disease, have compromised immune systems and become obese.

Shift workers might represent the extreme side of nighttime light exposure, but they show the potential negative ramifications for everyone else.

I recently found a “Healthy Discovery” that can help reduce some of this nighttime light pollution, it is called F.lux.

You can download F.lux for FREE. 

F.lux takes away the blue glow that can over-stimulate your eyes, brain and pineal gland in the evening hours.



Again, the more you can limit artificial light and computer usage after the sun sets the better. But if you have to use your computer, Smart Phone or electronic tablets in the evening, F.lux is a nice Healthy Discovery. It reduces artificial light and that reduction in light will hopefully help you sleep better.