Cell Phones And Brain Cancer

Cell Phones And Brain Cancer

A couple days after the news broke about Senator Ted Kennedy’s brain cancer; Larry King dedicated a whole show to the debate over cell phones and the potential link to certain brain tumors.

I watched that show and I have since made an effort to use my ear piece instead of holding the phone next to my head. The problem is, I already tried that a couple years ago. I ended up going back to putting the phone next to my ear again. It was faster to flip open the phone and start talking compared to scrambling for the ear piece.

While the doctors (neurosurgeon Keith Black M.D., and CNN medical correspondent and neurologist, Sanjay Guptah M.D.) on the Larry King Show wouldn’t say that there is a definitive connection, they did say; “after thoroughly studying the research, we both use an ear piece when we talk on our cell phones.”

The New York Times published an article about cell phones and radiation last week. The article listed the SAR levels (Specific Absorption Rate). SAR is a way of measuring the quantity of radio frequency energy from cell phones that is absorbed by the body.

The Top 10 Cell Phones With the Highest SAR Ratings were linked here. The Top 10 Cell Phones With The Lowest SAR Ratings were linked here. If your cell phone is not listed on either of these lists click here for a complete list. I checked out the links to find my personal cell phone SAR rating. My phone had a 1.24 rating and the “danger” cut off is 1.6

The most interesting thing about this article is not the article itself but the 190+ comments it generated from on-line readers. Geez people! If you ever want to read heated, polarized, opinions on the cell phone radiation controversy, this would be the place. Whether you think cell phone radiation is a real health threat or completely bogus you’ll find strong opinions on either side to support your thinking at the New York Times.

I sent my colleague, Robert Crayhon an email asking for his opinion on this subject. He referred me to Blake Levitt’s published work and research. In the end, I think it is a good idea to minimize cell phone use whenever possible, and then definitely use an ear piece when you do use one.

My latest problem is; I really want a BlackBerry, but the BlackBerry I want has a higher SAR radiation rating then my current phone. Ugh, what’s a girl to do? Well, RF Safe might be my next stop. They sell cell phone cases and protectors to shield and deflect cell phone radiation.