The Best Online Workouts & Fitness Apps

The Best Online Workouts & Fitness Apps

The Best Online Workouts & Fitness Apps

You know that silent conversation you have with yourself?

I’m going to start. I’m getting back on the exercise bandwagon and I’m sticking with it this time! I’ll start tomorrow, Monday, when I get back from the girl’s weekend, after Denver’s Great American Beer Festival, on January 1, or whatever, you fill in the blank…

But then you don’t have time. You’re exhausted, your day is triple booked, you don’t have the right workout clothes, you don’t want to drive to the gym in bad weather, you’re embarrassed to return to your pilates/yoga/spin/barre/CrossFit class after a long absence, you’ve lost your motivation, again. And you berate yourself for wasting money on workout memberships that you rarely use.

Yeah, that conversation.

I can’t give you a perfect fix to all these obstacles, but I can give you some online workouts and apps that were specifically designed to overcome many of these barriers and excuses.

Short, get-it-done-and-get-results-workouts (because no one has time, and everyone wants instant gratification) are what savvy fitness entrepreneurs have created. You choose the style and option that fits your mood and exercise preferences. As long as you have a WiFi connection, you can get a workout in anytime and anywhere. Most of all, the prices are reasonable, usually a one-time payment and many of these programs are FREE.

Figure out which style of exercise resonates most with you so you’re motivated to move your body on a regular basis –regardless of the daily obstacles and excuses that come your way.

Here are some suggestions to get you started.

1. Kayla Itsines 12 Week Bikini Body Program – $69.97- $119.97. There are over 2 million likes for this Bikini Body FaceBook page. That alone gets my attention and makes me want to try this program to see what it’s all about.

2. Kettle Bell Workout by Ryan Shanahan FREE. YouTube videos.

3. Sworkit App – FREE app or $3.99 for the pro version. Anywhere, anytime, personalized workouts. Choose a category and time limit. Strength, stretching, cardio, pilates, and yoga.

4. Metabolic Aftershock – $47.00 for three DVD’s and online access. This is my go-to at home HIIT workout. I love it and it only takes 20 minutes, three times a week. Developed by Dr. Jade Teta, a naturopath and personal trainer who created this program to lose inches and body fat while sculpting and toning muscle. It works!

5. Tone Up videos on YouTube – FREE YouTube videos. Bikini series, abs, booty, total body, cardio/HIIT, yoga/stretching.

6. Pop Sugar – FREE YouTube videos. 5, 10, 30, 40-minute workouts.

7. Way of Gray Workouts$39.99.  High-quality full-length workouts and yoga sequences videos
that require no equipment and are suitable for all levels.

8. NIKE training appFREE app. Whether you want to get lean, get toned, or build strength, there’s a workout for you. HIIT, pilates, yoga or running.

9. Yoga with Adriene – FREE. YouTube videos.

10. Daily BurnFirst 30 days FREE then 14.95/month. Streaming workouts form elite trainers.

11. 14-day yoga shred. FREE. 14 days, 10 minutes a day, delivered right to your inbox.

12. Barre 3 mobile app$4.99 to download the app. 10-minute workouts.

13. Fitness Blender – FREE. YouTube videos.

14. GaiamTV$7.95-9.95/month. Yoga challenges and guides. New yoga practices added weekly, unlimited on-demand access.

15. BeFit YouTube ChannelFREE. Ab, cardio, yoga, 10 minutes or less, dance, mobile workouts from high profile fitness trainers. Try their 90 day BeFiT system, or any 30 day systems to shed extra pounds and target problem areas with the BeFiT GO Mobile Series.

16. Shrink Session Workout$99.00-$129.00 lifetime access. Tone your body, expand your mind. Cardio dance, kick boxing, yoga, mantras, meditation.

17. Beach BodyPrices vary depending on the program. CIZE (dance), P90x, insanity, PiYo with Chalene Johnson, and many more.

18. My Yoga GloFirst 15 days are FREE then $18.00/month. Yoga for all levels with nationally recognized teachers.

19. Yoga VibesFirst 15 days are FREE then $19.95/month. Over 5,000 yoga and fitness videos

20. Fit Star AppFREE. Their motto is: fitness shouldn’t be a fad and a healthy lifestyle isn’t found on a DVD. Hosted by Atlanta Falcons tight end, Tony Gonzalez.

And I saved the best for last!!!

Zombies Run! – FREE app. OMG, this is so awesome. Hear your mission and music through your headphones. If you’re chased by zombies you’ll have to speed up. Get your heart racing, 200 missions, you’ll never run out of motivation. You’ll want to play every day. Walk, jog, run. Fun at every speed. Sync online, track your runs and share your progress. 1 million players. The biggest smartphone fitness game ever. Run everywhere. Outside, indoors, in gyms.

Like Nike says, Just Do It. No more “I’ll start later” conversations. Most of all, pick something that you enjoy and you actually look forward to doing. That’s what fitness is all about.