Brain Chemistry, Sugar Cravings, Binge Eating and Food Addiction

Brain Chemistry, Sugar Cravings, Binge Eating and Food Addiction

Corporate wellness is on the upswing, especially in Denver, which is a good thing since this is what I do and where I live.

I’ve been busy organizing an employee health festival for the City of Lakewood. This is the calm before the storm as I prepare for my 4am wake up calls next week. We’re right on track to reach my goal of screening 40% of the employees for blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, etc. I’ve been rallying the troops the past two weeks and speaking at department meetings (police, courts, finance, planning, golf courses, urban parks, streets, maintenance, city manger, city clerk, etc – 16 different areas in all) encouraging individuals to sign up and participate. I also drafted talking points for the local TV station to profile this event, so stay tuned for that video.

Last Friday I presented a Lunch-n-Learn for one of my new corporate clients. I received this email from the HR Director today.


Thank you for coming to our location for our first Lunch-n-learn!  I have had an overwhelmingly positive response after the last session and want to thank you!!  I am very excited for the next sessions.


After that class I drove to Dr. Gerber’s medical office and talked about Brain Chemistry, Sugar Cravings, Binge Eating and Food Addiction. Here is that class in full [VIDEO].


Do you have a group or organization interested in on-site classes, workshops? Contact me: to catch the corporate wellness wave. Exciting times, great info, and no time like the present for you and your company to get involved.

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  • Boyd Davis says: July 31, 2012, 8:08 pm

    Jolene, great stuff…I enjoyed your info/speaking. On a daily basis co workers and I talk about the stress we endure and counter it with food, booze, lack of sleep, etc. etc. etc. I’ll pass this on…I’m sure many industries would be so much healthier and happier if they had the knowledge you are getting out there…thanks again…

  • Jolene says: July 31, 2012, 8:36 pm

    Thanks so much, Boyd. Much appreciated!

  • Jeffry Gerber, MD says: August 1, 2012, 7:12 am

    Jolene – It is a pleasure to have you working with everyone – Dr Jeff

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