The Beef Cow, So Much More Than A Hamburger!

Did you know that less than 50% of a beef cow is used for meat? More than half of every butchered cow is actually used in our every day by-products!

1. Automobiles, Buses, Motorcycles and Bicycles – Stearic acid is used from the cow to hold the rubber together on tires.

2. Magazines– Beef fatty acids are used for printing ink and high gloss in magazines.

3. Gel Capsules, Marshmallows, Ice Cream – Made from bovine gelatin.

4. Commercial Soap, Lipstick, Face and Hand Creams, Cosmetics – Made from beef tallow and glycerin.

5. Asphalt Roads, Dry Wall – Made with beef fatty acids.

6. Detergents, Shaving Cream, Candles – Derived from the beef fatty acids.

7. Crayons, Film– Made from beef fats and proteins.

8. Plywood – Glue from cow blood.

9. Chondroitin Sulfate– Bovine cartilage.

10. Foam for Fire Extinguishers– Protein from horns and hooves.

11. Cheese Production– Cow rennet is used as a curdling agent to yield pregastric lipase.

12. Racket Strings and Surgical Sutures– Cow hide.

13. 144 Baseballs, or 20 Footballs, or 18 Soccer Balls, or 12 Basketballs – One cow hide.

14. Heparin, an anticoagulant used to thin blood Comes from the cow’s liver.

15. Epinephrine treats hay fever, asthma or other allergies, or stimulate the heart in the event of cardiac arrest – Comes from the cow’s adrenal gland.

16. Chewing Gum – Oleo stearine derived from the cow.

17. Buttons, Piano keys, Sandpaper, Glue – Bones, horns and hooves.

18. Antifreeze -Glycerol derived from beef fat.

19. Auto and Jet Lubricants, High Performance Greases, and Brake Fluid- Beef fats and proteins.

20. Matches, Paper Whitener– Beef glycerin and fatty acids.

21. Automobile Body – Glue from beef protein.

22. Perfume, Paint, Deodorant -Beef fatty acids are used in the production process.

23. Toothpaste, Floor Wax – Bovine glycerin.

24. Many Drugs are derived from the cow’s pancreas, blood, bone, liver, stomach, pituitary and adrenal glands:

Chymotrypsin (promotes healing of burns and wounds).
Collagen (used in plastic surgery and to make non-stick bandages).
Cortisol (anti-inflammatory).
Glucagon (treats hypoglycemia or low blood sugar).
Insulin (for treating diabetes or high blood sugar).
Pancreatin (aids in digestion of food).
Thrombin (coagulant which helps blood clot).
Vasopressin (controls intestinal and renal functions).
Vitamin B-12 (prevention of B-Complex deficiencies).

25. Skis, Water Skis, Hockey Puck, Hockey Stick – Beef fatty acids.

26. Organic Fertilizers – Cow manure.

27. Commercial Baked Goods – Made with beef tallow.

28. Diet Products– Made from beef gelatin.

29. Foil Wrapping – Beef fatty acids.

30. Glass– Bovine glands.

31. Pet Chews and Toys– Cow hide and hooves.

Interesting, isn’t it? Beef: It’s not just what’s for dinner or the leather in your shoes!



















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