Quality Doctors!

Quality Doctors!

Last weekend I attended a medical nutrition conference in Denver called: Improving Clinical Outcomes by Treating the Intersection of Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular Disease, Type II Diabetes and Arthritis.

Two hundred medical doctors, osteopaths, acupuncturists, pharmacists, nutritionists and naturopaths came together in the downtown Denver Marriott to hear the brilliant scientist and biochemist Jeffrey Bland PhD.

I have attended nutritional medical conferences for over a decade. There are always exciting things to learn regarding the critical role food plays in our health. For example, the physiological importance of omega 3 fats (fish oils), probiotics (good bacteria found in yogurt) bioflavoids (found in fruits and vegetables), the list goes on and on.

Medical nutrition conferences are backed with solid science, physiological common sense and biochemical proof. Yet they still push the envelope regarding traditional medicine. I agree with Michael Crichton M.D., Harvard Medical School. Best selling author, creator of the television series ER, who says;

“I have more respect for people who change their views after acquiring new information than for those who cling to views they held thirty years ago. The world changes. Ideologues and zealots don’t.”

If you are looking for a medical doctor who stays current with the latest research in nutrition and complimentary therapies combined with traditional approaches; here are a couple places to search. Go to these websites, enter your zip code or city and find a nutritionally trained medical doctor in your area.

Functional Medicine —A patient-centered health care that addresses the unique interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors influencing both health and complex disease.

American Holistic Medical Association — The AHMA brings together physicians who are interested in holistic integrated health care.

American College for Advancement in Medicine — The strong voice of Integrative Medicine.

American Association of Health Freedom — Politically active at the federal level for Americans to have the right to access a full range of health care treatment and prevention methods. Click “find a practitioner” on the right hand side of the home page.