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11 Ways To Boost Your Energy & Feel Better Now.

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Eating right and exercise are important ingredients for good health, but they aren’t the only ingredients.


“Jolene’s approach to total wellness is fresh and thought-provoking.  Her presentations are engaging, fun and our team looks forward to her sessions.  Most importantly every person, no matter how personally engaged they are with health and wellness, can get something from her courses. She has my highest recommendation for anyone wanting to take their wellness program to the next level.”

Amanda Nelson
HR Director
Lerch Bates


“We’ve had a great response from Jolene’s first visit to our space. Her well-rounded approach to life and workplace wellness engaged our entire office—so much so that we plan on having her back, several times. We look forward to her next visit.”

Bobby Windauer
Marketing Manager / Wellness Coordinator

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“Jolene has the uncanny ability to design and implement programs unique to each employer. In the 20 years I have been part of employee wellness based programs/classes, I have never seen someone as effective for inspiring change for employees regardless of age, fitness/health knowledge, background, gender, or position level.”

Farrell Bueller
Director of Parks and Recreation
Town of Erie

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