Baggage Reclaim: Unload your emotional baggage and reclaim your self worth!


One of the best Healthy Discoveries I found this year is a website called Baggage Reclaim. I stumbled across it early one morning in February when I was lying in bed and couldn’t sleep; so I started searching Google on my phone.

As a result of my search questions Google directed me to Baggage Reclaim. Thank you Google, best recommendation ever!

I’ve done my share of therapy and read tons (various self help, relationship, personal development books) over the years. But nothing or no one has been as life changing as Natalie Lue, author of Baggage Reclaim. Honestly, I could have saved thousands of dollars in therapy if I would have known about Natalie’s work years ago.

Natalie is not a psychologist. She is a regular woman who worked as an Advertising Executive in London. She had numerous dating woes including falling in love (or so she thought) with a guy who was married. In 2005 she started the Baggage Reclaim blog and began to explore why she had such poor taste in men and was attracted to the “Mister Unavailables.” Today, after a lot of self reflection and change, she’s happily married and has two young daughters.

With over 500K readers a month Natalie is a no holds barred writer. You won’t find headlines like “X ways to seduce your man” instead she writes about the complex issues that affect modern relationships. Natalie writes about real life. She does not sugar coat things nor does she bash men. She challenges women to take a good hard look at themselves and the unhealthy patterns they create, reinforce and allow.

I think Natalie’s book should be required reading for every woman, ESPECIALLY HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE GIRLS! If you have daughters, give them this book. If you are 18-98 yrs old and dating, read this book. If you are separated or divorcing, read this book. If you are in an unhappy relationship (for whatever reason), read this book. If you are in a happy, healthy, mutually fulfilling, high functioning relationship then you probably don’t need to read this book; but to be honest, when I look around I have a hard time finding many relationships that are truly healthy and thriving. Sorry, just calling it like I see it. So you should probably read this book!

Bottom line, Natalie will shake the denial, minimizing, rationalizing, excuse making (about yourself) right out of you. Whether you’re needy and dependent toward your partner or little miss independent and self sufficient (in or out of a relationship) Natalie Lue will speak to you!

She will challenge you to develop your self worth and treat yourself with love, care, trust and respect instead of looking to others, situations, things or substances to give you a false sense of worth. Natalie has a great online Self Esteem Course (I participated in it this summer) which helps women, and men determine their boundaries, values and beliefs, listen to their gut feelings, learn about the BS Diet, how to make decisions, stop obsessing, bust doubts and recognize and deal with discomfort. Baggage Reclaim is all about being accountable and responsible for your own emotional health, especially when you are in a romantic relationship.

Jada Pinkett Smith posted this on her FaceBook page a couple weeks ago and while I don’t know if she reads Baggage Reclaim, this sums up Baggage Reclaim really well.

“The other day I watched a taping of Sharon Stone on The Queen Latifah Show, and she brought up an interesting point. She spoke about the idea of how our culture cultivates desperate women. This rang so true for me for we all have suffered at the hands of desperation, especially in our relationships with men. Many of us have been taught to believe that how people treat us is a direct reflection of our self-worth so we become desperate about our looks, desperate about whether he is being faithful, we become desperate about being good enough. My journey towards “womaning up” has taught me that how someone treats you is a direct reflection of who THEY are and that I have to be responsible in feeling good about myself in order to create good feeling experiences. Once I took on this responsibility for myself, I no longer carried the weight of desperation in needing to be good enough. It’s time to woman up and be rid of desperation with knowing that being good enough gives us the power to stand alone and to also choose wisely the people we decide to love, without the influence of desperation.”

The wisdom that Natalie brings to her blog blows me away. Honestly, if you’re in therapy for relationship issues just save yourself the money and school yourself on Natalie’s website, books and online courses. It’s better than any therapist I’ve ever worked with or any relationship advice I’ve ever sought out.

Find some emotional health and wellness. Unload your emotional Baggage and Reclaim your self worth!


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