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Do You Find It Hard To Live A Healthy, Balanced, Sober Life?

Does this sound familiar…?

  • You eat a healthy diet, but feel depleted and stressed out from your financial debts.
  • You maintain a level of fitness that makes you feel good, but your personal relationships are toxic or unsupportive.
  • You spend time caring for other people, but you find yourself eating unhealthily during the day.
  • You give all your energy to your work, but you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in years.

The truth is, there’s more to know about maintaining your health than you realize.

Twenty years ago, after living abroad for eight months, I developed gastrointestinal (G.I.) problems. Searching for a natural, healthy solution, I made major changes to my diet and briefly eliminated sugar. A few things happened:

  1. My symptoms disappeared
  2. I lost weight
  3. My energy skyrocketed

Despite these amazing results, I realized I still wasn’t HEALTHY. What I discovered was a diet of green salad and salmon couldn’t override the fact that I was stressed out because other parts of my life were malnourished.

This revelation led me to start Healthy Discoveries in 2001. Since then, my work has been rooted in ten key components.

10 Interconnected Ingredients For True Wellness

  • Food

    Identify the foods you should be eating every day to reduce the negative impact of stress.

  • Movement

    Learn strategies to stay motivated to exercise, even when you don’t have time.

  • Awareness

    Strengthen your emotional resilience and stop feeling overwhelmed.

  • Play

    Discover the positive benefits of downtime, scheduled breaks, and having fun.

  • Connect

    Create daily interactions that foster better relationships and emotional intelligence.

  • Relax

    Discover how meditation can help you focus and conquer your to-do list.

  • Money

    Uncover how your unconscious money beliefs connect to your physical energy.

  • Serve

    Develop specific strategies for practicing kindness to increase energy during the work day.

  • Purpose

    Navigate work pressures and stick to health routines by connecting to your “why.”

  • Spirit

    Learn how to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and feel better at work.

Healthy Discoveries helps you make the connection between your professional life and your food, mood, downtime, exercise, finances, purpose and relationships. Learn how to maintain your health with practical how-tos rooted in cutting-edge research from functional nutrition, positive psychology, emotional resiliency, intrinsic motivation and brain chemistry regulation.


That cut to the chase and are relevant to your life.


Metabolic Reset For Fat Loss

Learn specific strategies to physically lose weight and emotionally keep it off.

Resiliency & Habit Change

Adjust your physical, mental, emotional states and rewire your brain against stress.

A Holistic Approach To Stop Smoking

Create a personalized quit plan based on nutrition, mindfulness, and smart habit change.

Food & Mood – Nourish Your Brain & Body With Functional Nutrition

A comprehensive eating-for-recovery guide that replenishes your body, repairs your brain and rebuilds your health.

How To Stress Less & Sleep More

Discover the latest science and research for better sleep and stress reduction.

Writing For The Health Of It

Build your emotional resilience using a pen and paper.


45 – 90 minutes

The Wellness Wheel

Discover 10 key areas that impact your work life and health every single day.

Your Craving Brain

The science behind why you crave what you crave and how to change when change is hard.

The Latest Trends In Neuroscience & Peak Performance

Learn how to feel grounded, centered and present. Bounce back from overwhelm and stress.

Eating For Optimal Energy

An action plan that makes healthy eating easy to accomplish. Specific food and supplement tips and hacks.

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Craig BeVier - Owens & Minor - Director of Learning And Development (2001-2014)

“Jolene’s signature class “The Wellness Wheel: 10 Interconnected Ingredients For True Wellness” was always a big hit with the teammates. She provides simple steps to take control of your diet, exercise, and stress. Jolene taught several classes at our Home Office in Richmond, Virginia and also traveled to our Distribution Centers around the country between 2004-2011 to teach our teammates a variety of topics including “Eating On The Run”, “Stressed Out Solutions”, “Smoking Cessation”, and “Healthy Alternatives”. Jolene is easy to work with and makes the learning experience fit the client’s needs.”

Craig BeVier
Owens & Minor Medical Supply Company – Director of Learning And Development (2001-2014)