Former Gray Area Drinkers Community


Nourish Your Cravings, Get What You NEED Without The DRINK!

An online membership community for Former “Gray Area Drinkers to Thrive.

What You’ll Learn:


  • Proven tools from functional nutrition to help balance your hormones, improve your mood and increase your feel-good brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.


  • Rewire your stress response with fun exercise that you’ll actually want to do because they’ll help you keep your cool.


  • Reduce your anxieties with superfoods and high-quality nutrients.


  • Strategies for deep regenerative sleep that can help boost your metabolism, and aid in sustaining a healthy body too.


  • Practical ways to calm your nervous system that are unique to the challenges you face a former gray area drinker.



  • Monthly LIVE video interviews with cutting-edge healthcare practitioners, authors, and thought leaders to help you understand what needs and wants you were trying to fill with drinking and how to replenish them with healthy alternatives!


  • More people to connect with and talk to who have made a similar choice about drinking. Let’s be honest, life can feel lonely after you’ve made the decision to stop drinking especially if traditional recovery communities or labels don’t resonate with you.


  • A way to ensure you don’t trade in one bad habit—drinking—for another, like sugar, or too much social media, or overeating.


  • Access to the best tips and tools all in one place to replenish your body, rewire your brain and fuel your life.