Healthy Discoveries.Com Gets A Face Lift

September 11th, 2009

While I criss-crossed the country, taught, and saw patients all summer I sent my website off to Indianapolis for a little summer make-over.  It was time to Make My Blog Pretty!

If you are reading this in an email or feed subscriber click here so you can SEE MY NEW WEBSITE. Go on, click!  I’ll wait.

Pretty cool huh?

Did you see my new home page?  This is what Healthy Discoveries is (and has been) all about since it’s inception eight years ago.  Goodness, my little company is growing up so fast, I have to wipe away a proud tear, or two.

Anyway, I digress.

The content, blog articles and pictures are pretty much the same (some day, in my free time, I’ll update things like my professional head shot which is now four years old…oy!)  But I wanted you to see my new sophisticated web design and tell you about the magnificent person behind it all.

Jennette Fulda is AWESOME!  The End.

No, seriously here’s the story.  Some of you may remember I changed the look and feel of my website in January, or maybe you don’t remember?   Anyway, my website still needed work so I hired Jennette to complete the process.

I have followed Jennette’s blog for awhile now.  I started reading her blog after I read her weight loss memoir.  I liked her book so much I wrote about it here.  Jennette lost 200 pounds by eating a healthy diet and a regular exercise routine.  She did it all on her own and didn’t use any gimmicks, quick fixes, or surgery.  I love her story!

In July Jennette told her readers that she was leaving her corporate job to pursue free-lance web design and writing full time.  Jennette says, “my [next] book will come out in 2010, perhaps 2011. It’s tentatively called Chocolate and Vicodin: And Other Failed Cures for the Headache that Wouldn’t Go Away. It will humorously explore the twisted maze of eastern and western medicine as she visits doctors, acupuncturists, and chiropractors, and ingests pills, pot, and obscene amounts of ice cream, all in search of the elusive cure for her chronic pain.”

I can’t wait. Jennette is a down to earth, funny, enlightened writer.

Since I knew Jennette via the blogging and Twitter world, I sent her an inquiry email and asked if she could/would complete the design on my website.


First of all, Jennette knows what she is doing.  Plain and simple she is knowledgeable, skilled and and a total expert when it comes to web design and navigating her way through WordPress (the template for most blogs).

Second, Jennette is honest, thorough and incredibly efficient.  She told me what she was going to do, she gave me numerous options, and then she turned around and did exactly what she said she could do in a very short amount of time.  I can not even tell you how much I love that!

Third, Jennette is a total professional, she communicates clearly and directly yet she is also very patient.

Finally, Jennette’s prices are incredibly reasonable and her work is far superior to any other design work I’ve had done in the past.

Like I said, Jennette is awesome!

If you want to Make Your Blog Pretty or need help with your web design I wholeheartedly, with no hesitation, recommend Jennette.  She will turn your project around in a timely matter.  She will listen to you and communicate with you throughout the process.  And you will end up with a great website at a very reasonable rate.

For more information about designing or redesigning your website go to Jennette’s Make My Blog Pretty site.

Then read Jennette’s amazing account of her 200 pound weight loss in her book, Half Assed.

And finally here is Jennette’s blog, Pasta Queen.

Thanks again Jennette.   I love it!

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Jolene Park, B.A., Certified Nutrition Consultant, Yoga Teacher founded Healthy Discoveries in 2001. She facilitates health and nutrition workshops for companies large and small across the U.S., and provides wellness and nutrition coaching for individuals and multiple medical offices throughout the greater Boulder/Denver area. Learn more.

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