The Business of Being Born

The Business of Being Born

Speaking of good movies, here’s another one I really liked. I’ve already recommended it to two friends who recently found out they are pregnant.

The Business of Being Born is a documentary about the history of labor and delivery in this country. The movie reminds woman about the innate wisdom they have within their own bodies for the preparation and process of child birth. Regardless of how women choose to give birth; in a hospital, at home, with drugs, without drugs or C-section, you will never look at giving birth the same way again.

I know there has been some controversy surrounding this film, but I liked it. While the primary focus is on natural births, it is not one long commercial for natural births. I felt it gave a balanced view about why and when various birth options work for some women but not for others. It also dispels myths about the role and training of a midwife.

This documentary has useful, thought-provoking information for expectant parents to make conscious, healthy decisions regarding the birth of their children.

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