Posts made in April, 2008

Forgive For Good

There are many religious, spiritual and psychological philosophies available to us today. Some differ and contradict each other; others are quite similar. One thread that runs throughout is; forgiveness. Fred Luskin PhD., has made a career out of studying forgiveness.

Plant-able Greeting Cards

If I made a list of things I like, one thing I would say is; I like innovative people and clever ideas! Ladies and gentlemen of the Internet please put your hands together for today’s innovative and clever Healthy Discovery.

CrockPot 365

Sure Foods Living turned me on to this cool blog. I like it so much I added it to the “Health Related Blogs I Read” side panel of my blog. CrockPot Lady makes something new in her CrockPot every day.

New LARABAR Flavors

New LARABAR Flavors

LARABAR, one of my favorite snacks, just released some new flavors. Coconut Cream Pie, Chocolate Cherry Jocalat, Peanut Butter Crunch, Chocolate Hazelnut I buy sample bars from the LARABAR office (just down the street from me) a couple times a