Common Exercise Mistakes

Common Exercise Mistakes

I have experienced my share of exercise trends over the years. There was a time when I was extremely committed to a gym routine. I would ride the stationary bike for 40 minutes at alternating high and low intervals, after the bike I would lift weights. This is still my “ideal” work-out because of how toned I became. However, I’ve never gotten back to it, maybe this year?

I loved taking Nia Dance classes a couple years ago which led me to a consistent practice (sometimes four-hours a day) of yoga last year. In between my various exercise of the month I have always kept a regular walking routine around parks, beaches and the like. However, I admit it, there are times when I don’t exercise at all.

I am preparing my material for a class I’ll teach this spring called, “Stressed Out Solutions”. While we have heard that exercise is a good stress reducer what we don’t hear is excessive exercise can actually increase stress hormones. Diana Schwarzbein M.D. is a big believer in selecting appropriate exercise depending on your current state of stress. One thing she says is; “You must be healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to be healthy.” Diana is a top endocrinologist and national expert in food, eating, diet and metabolism. I thought about my workshop and Diana’s tips on exercise this morning as I walked around Wash Park in Denver. I benefit just as much as my audience from all the Healthy Discoveries when I teach.

7 Common Exercise Mistakes by Diana Schwarzbein M.D.

1. Not eating well or sleeping enough to support an exercise program.
2. Thinking that the more you exercise the healthier you are.
3. Using exercise as a way to self medicate.
4. Believing that cardiovascular exercise is the only kind of exercise that is good for your heart.
5. Not doing any resistance exercises.
6. Not stretching enough.
7. Not exercising at all.